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Thursday, October 08, 2015
Saskatchewan Justice
How can I tell the difference between a legitimate and a fraudulent work-at-home offer?

Be cautious. Ask for references. Beware of "want ads" that offer lots of money for what seems to be little work.

Who should be cautious of home employment offers?

Everybody should be suspicious of these types of offers. However, these companies usually target senior citizens, disabled persons or people on limited incomes.

Is paying money up front a common practice for work-at-home ventures?

It may be common, but it is not legitimate. If you have to buy something, it is not a home employment opportunity. It is the company selling you something.

What should I look for when examining work-at-home ventures?

The following is a checklist of things that should make you suspicious:

  • promises of large profit for little work;
  • use of personal testimonials without a means to contact the person;
  • assurance that no experience is necessary;
  • claims that the money "up front" is a sign of good faith on your part; and
  • claims there is great demand for the product.

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