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Tuesday, October 06, 2015
Saskatchewan Justice
Click here for information on buying a new or used vehicle from a motor dealership.
"Buyer Beware" is the advice given to consumers who purchase vehicles in private deals.
If you buy at an auction, you buy from the seller of the goods, not the auctioneer, even if you pay the auctioneer. If goods purchased at an auction do not work properly or break down, you may have a claim against the seller.

Click here to get tips that may help avoid some of the pitfalls that consumers can experience when having their vehicles repaired.

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The Motor Dealers Act regulates the sale (not the lease) of all new or used motor vehicles, motorcycles, and snowmobiles in Saskatchewan. Dealers are required to be licensed and bonded. Consumers are protected under the Act in several major ways.


The Consumer Protection Act is a consolidation of consumer protection legislation. Parts III and IV of the Act are the former Consumer Products Warranties Act and Unsolicited Goods and Credit Cards Act. Part II of the Act offers protection to Saskatchewan consumers from unfair and unscrupulous marketplace practices. The Act also sets out consumer responsibilities, such as attempting to resolve a dispute with a supplier before taking further action.

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