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Monday, June 27, 2016
Saskatchewan Justice

The Office of the Public Registry Administration (OPRA) has oversight and responsibility for the Land Registry, Corporate Registry, Personal Property Registry and Land Surveys Directory.

The Legislative Services Branch provides legal and policy advice and assistance to guide all government ministries, agencies and Crown corporations in the development of their Acts, regulations and Orders in Council.

The Constitutional Law Branch provides legal and policy advice to Government on constitutional, human rights, intergovernmental and trade law issues.

The Aboriginal Law Branch provides legal and policy advice to the Government on a wide array of issues pertaining to Aboriginal peoples such as constitutional issues related to federal/provincial jurisdiction, Aboriginal rights and Treaty rights.

The Legislative Drafting Branch draft all government Bills and regulations on the instructions of Cabinet and ministries and agencies.

The Office of the Queen's Printer publishes and distributes statutes, regulations and other government legislative publications on behalf of the Government of Saskatchewan

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