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Saturday, June 25, 2016
Saskatchewan Justice

Statement from the Ministers

We are pleased to present the 2013-14 Plan for the Ministry of Justice. This plan aligns with the Government of Saskatchewan’s Direction and Budget for 2013-14, building on the principle of Balanced Growth, supporting an ongoing focus on sound economic growth and shared prosperity.

Our plan identifies how we will support government’s priorities of improving our quality of life, sustaining economic growth and opportunity for Saskatchewan people, delivering responsive and responsible government, and making life more affordable for Saskatchewan people.

We will grow vibrant communities by enhancing public safety and confidence in the justice system through prevention, intervention and enforcement. We will also continue to improve access to services and supports for victims of crime.

Through the creation of the “Building Partnerships to Reduce Crime” initiative, government is working with community organizations and human service agencies to help build foundations for community safety and wellness.

The focus on evidence-based research and best practice to provide public value for government investment will be prominent in delivery of programs for offender rehabilitation and front-end interventions within policing and corrections.

Planning for our province’s economic growth will be supported by promoting a favourable business environment and better protection for consumers through legislative amendments.

To make life more affordable for Saskatchewan’s growing population, we will review opportunities to increase public access to legal information while reducing costs for families.

While we are pleased with our accomplishments over the past year, we recognize there is still work to be done. The Ministry will continue working in collaboration with other government ministries and community partners to achieve our objectives of justice, fairness and accountability to the people of Saskatchewan.

The Ministry of Justice will continue to implement the strategies and key actions within this Plan and will report on our progress in the 2013-14 Annual Report.

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