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Thursday, June 30, 2016
Saskatchewan Justice

The Ministry of Justice and Attorney General's Business Continuity Plan contains details on planning, response and recovery through all stages of a pandemic.  The goals of the plan are two-fold: to protect the health and safety of the public, our stakeholders and our employees; and to ensure that critical public services continue.

Government's overall response is detailed in the Provincial Pandemic Influenza Coordination Plan, available at by clicking on the Pandemic Plans icon.

Other information related to pandemic planning and health awareness can be found on the Ministry of Health's website,  A comprehensive document preparing workplaces for pandemic called Saskatchewan Occupational Health and Safety Best Practice:Guideline for Occupational Health and Safety During Pandemic Influenza.

The following chart demonstrates the impact of the pandemic in a broad way, and illustrates a general response at each level of impact.  The impact level will guide central Government decision-making and communications process and will serve as a general guideline for Ministries, Crown corporations, and Agencies to follow in implementing their respective plans.

Each government organization's response will vary, depending on their own operations, but Government's overall response will be based on an assessment of several factors: spread of the influenza; level of absenteeism in government and the broader workforce; level of disruption to public services; and the level of disruption to the broader Saskatchewan economy.  


Low Impact

Medium Impact

High Impact

Spread of Flu *

-Sustained person to person transmission in a small number of SK communities

-Widespread, sustained person to person transmission in many SK communities 

- Widespread, sustained person to person transmission in many SK communities




- Some workplace and school absenteeism

- Moderate levels of absenteeism in workplaces and schools

- High levels of absenteeism in workplaces and schools

Impact on Services



- No disruption in  service delivery

- Some disruption or delay in some services

- Significant disruption or delay in services

- Focus on maintaining essential services

Response Action

-Government organizations increase level of preparedness and may activate Response Plans for low impact

-Government organizations escalate Response Plans as required to medium impact.

-Government organizations escalate Response Plans to high impact.

<----------------------  IMPACT/RESPONSE ---------------------->

*Based on assessment of lab-confirmed cases, Regional Health Authority reporting of influenza activity, reports by sentinel physicians, emergency room visit rates for influenza-like illness, antiviral prescriptions.

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