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Saturday, July 02, 2016
Saskatchewan Justice

The Minister of Justice is ex-officio the Attorney General. The Minister of Justice and the Ministry of Justice are independent parties.

The Saskatchewan Attorney General and the Ministry of Justice do not provide legal advice or assistance to anyone who is not associated with the government.

Unless the government is a party to an action - for example if someone is suing the government - the Ministry of Justice is not involved in civil cases. Civil litigation involving private individuals does not involve the government, and neither the Attorney General nor the Ministry of Justice can intervene or become involved in a private case.

The Minister has a broad mandate and is responsible for a number of different areas including:


Administration and delivery of justice

  • Prosecution of offences under the Criminal Code, the Youth Criminal Justice Act and provincial statutes.
  • Provision of civil legal services to the government.
  • Operation of the Provincial Court, Court of Queen's Bench and Court of Appeal (except for the appointment of superior court judges).
  • Recognition and response to the needs of victims of crime.


Protection of basic legal rights and relationships

  • Protecting and managing the estates of dependent adults or minors through the Public Guardian and Trustee.
  • Operating the provincial coroners system.
  • Registering and/or licensing all corporations and entities that conduct business in the province.
  • Enforcement of maintenance orders.
  • Regulating consumer and marketplace relations.


Other Justice functions

  • Developing alternative mechanisms to resolve disputes outside the courts through legislative initiatives and education.
  • Administration of The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.
  • Providing legal publications through the Queen's Printer Revolving Fund.
  • Operation of the Marriage Unit.

Boards and commissions

A number of boards and commissions report to the Minister of Justice and receive varying levels of administrative and policy support from the Ministry of Justice:

  • Aboriginal Court Worker Advisory Committee
  • Automobile Injury Appeal Commission
  • Film Classification Appeal Board
  • Film Classification Board
  • Funeral and Cremation Services Council
  • Human Rights Commission
  • Law Reform Commission
  • Legal Aid Commission
  • Legal Aid Commission Appeal Committee
  • Office of Residential Tenancies
  • Provincial Mediation Board
  • Public Complaints Commision
  • Public and Private Rights Board
  • Saskatchewan Advisory Board of Review
  • Saskatchewan Human Rights Tribunal
  • Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority
  • Traditional Elder Ministerial Advisory Committee
  • Victims Compensation Appeal Committee

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