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Sunday, June 26, 2016
Saskatchewan Justice
  • December

December 23 2010 Queen's Counsel Appointments
December 17 Fees Increasing for Marriage License and Marriage Commissioner Services
December 6  Investor Alert Issued Regarding West African Industrie, Allan Mopen and Louis Supera 

  • November

November 30  Government Introduces Amendments to Election Acts
November 29 Government Moves to Update Human Rights Code
November 26 Opening of New Meadow Lake Provincial Court Facility
November 24 Paul Inquest
November 19 SFSC Issues Cease and Desist Order Against Sunova Credit Union
November 17 Lariviere Inquest
November 10 Black Inquest
November 10 Province Moves To Amend The Commissioner For Oaths Act

  • October

October 20 McLean Inquest
October 14 Haineault Inquest 

  • September

September 10 SFSC Issues Cease Trading Order and Registration Prohibition Against Alan Cruikshank
September 7 September is Privacy and Security Awareness Month 

  • August 
August 18 Little Inquest
August 10            

Superintendent of Insurance finds Josepha Siganski unsuitable to be Mortgage Broker 


  • July

July 16 Temporary Cease Trade Orders Issued Against Pure Water Box Corp., Pure Water Box Canada Capital Corp 

  • June

June 21 Increased Support for Community Partners
June 11 Autopsy Results Released in Aberdeen Death
June 8 Saskatchewan Moves Toward Full Regulations of Payday Loans Industry 

  • May

May 17 Province Moves to Protect Emergency Workers With Changes To The Mandatory Testing and Disclosure Regulations
May 6 New Judge Appointed to Prince Albert Provincial Court 

  • April

April 26 Government Supports Bill C-391 To End THe Long-Gun Registry
April 23 First Success Under The Seizure Of Criminal Property Act, 2009
April 21 Thatcher Relinquishes Profits From Book
April 20 Child-Friendly Courts Project Funding Announcement
April 19 Victims of Crime Awareness Week
April 15 Increase In Funding to Organizations That Help Victims of Violence
April 8 Montgrand Inquest
April 6 State Funeral to be Held for Former Chief Justice
April 5 Justice Minister Offers Condolences On Passing Of Former Chief Judge 

  • March 

March 17 Temporary Cease Trade Orders Issued
March 4  Schwager Inquest 

  • February

February 18 Temporary Cease Trade Order Issued
February 4 Corporations Branch Joining ISC to Enhance Service to Business in Saskatchewan
February 3 Justice and CPSP Ministers Apologize to Karrie Casper for Issuing Public Notification of Mistaken Release 

  • January

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