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Thursday, June 30, 2016
Saskatchewan Justice
  • December

December 31 2009 Queen's Council Appointments
December 18 New Judge for Regina
December 18 Cease Trade Order Extended
December 8 Policy Toughened on Prosecution of Repeat Drunk Drivers
December 8 Saskatchewan Attorney General Presses for Passage of Crime Bill
December 7 Government to Regulate Payday Loans
December 2  Government Tables Money Judgment Enforcement Legislation

  • November

November 26 Government Helps Victims of Crime Collect Restitution
November 24 Province Introduces Legislation to Protect Consumers by Regulating Ticket Sales
November 19 Temporary Cease Trade Order Issued
November 19 Cease Trade Order Extended
November 16 Government Looks for Options to Identify and Protect Burial Sites
November 3 Cease Trade Order Issued
November 2   Justice Minister Supports Organized Crime Measures, Missing Persons Database at National Meeting 

  • October

October 23 Henry Inquest
October 23 Standingready-McKay Inquest
October 19 New Judges Appointed for Provincial Court 

  • September

September 25 Temporary Cease Trade Order Issued
September 18 Western Attorneys General and Solicitors Ask for Action on Organized Crime and Gangs within 40 Days
September 17 Western Attorneys General to Meet in Saskatoon
September 16 Public Safety Message: Offender Released in Error, Now Unlawfully at Large

  • August

August 18 Swift Current Court House Improvements Will Increase Security and Efficiency

  • July
July 21

Crime Rate and Severity Down But Still Work To Do


  • June

June 30 New Trespass to Property Act in Effect
June 9 Chief Coroner Receives RCMP Response to Pelletier Inquest Recommendations
June 1 Revised Rules Around Security Deposits on Rentals Take Effect June 1, 2009

  • May

May 25 Dustyhorn Inquest
May 25 Philpott Inquest
May 11 Regina Provincial Court Joins Video-Link Network
May 7 Saskatchewan Launches Non-Profit Tutorial
May 6 Profits of Criminal Notoriety Act
May 5 Personal Information Mistakenly Mailed to Wrong People
May 1  Saskatoon Court of Queen's Bench Facility Expanding

  • April

April 27 Victims of Crime Awareness Week
April 23 Public Warning About Kenworth Solutions
April 22 Saskatchewan Financial Services Commission Hearing Panel Hands Down Decision
April 16 Temporary Cease Trade Oeder Issued
April 8 Public Input Needed for Ticket Selling Legislation
April 7 Standing Up to Violence a Top Priority for Government 

  • March

March 26 Compliance Order Issued Against Priority Mortgage Plus Financial Services Inc.
March 25 Saskatchewan Supports Proposal to Abolish "Two-For-One" Credit
March 20 New Judges for Provincial Court
March 17 Dubois Inquest
March 9 Government of Saskatchewan Launches Consumer Protection Campaign 

  • February

February 26 Toulejour Inquest
February 13 Organized Crime Workshop a Success

  • January

January 20 Brass Inquest
January 16 Security Enhancememnts in Saskatoon Courts
January 14 Lariviere Inquest
January 12 Parenting Program Expand to All Queen's Bench Court Houses
January 8 New Judge for Saskatoon Provincial Court
January 1 Government Accepts Independent Commission's Recommendations
Provincial Court Commission Press Release

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