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Sunday, June 26, 2016
Saskatchewan Justice
  • December

December 31 2008 Queen's Counsel Appointments
December 15 Cease and Desist Order Issued to Car Warrenty Telemarketer
December 15 Victims Services Programs Expand to Spiritwood
December 12 New Rules for Rent Increases Start Today
December 12 New Saskatchewan Human Rights Chief Commissioner Appointed
December 9 60th Anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights

  • November

November 28 Victims Services Funding Helps Make Saskatchewan A Safer Place For Children
November 27 New Judge for Yorkton
November 19 New Crime Fighting Tools are the Focus of Legislative Proposals
November 18 Rental Housing Challenges Addressed
November 18 Crawford Inquest
November 17 Democratic Reform Package Introduced
November 13 Temporary Cease Trade Order Issued Against York Rio Resources Inc.
November 12 Resler Inquest
November 10  Gift Card Legislation Takes Effect

  • October

October 14  Pelletier Inquest To Be Held Next Week

  • September

September 16 Orders in Council Now Online
September 5  Justice Minister Makes Progress 

  • August


August 15 Security Enhancements in Saskatchewan Courts

  • July

July 17 Saskatchewan Crime Rate Down for Fourth Consecutive Year
July 14 Temporary Cease Trade Order Issued Against Global Petroleum Strategies LLC., Petroleum Unlimited LLC
July 10 Government Ends Equalization Reference 

  • June

June 19 Planning Money for Saskatoon Court of Queen's Bench Renewal 
June 13 Break and Enter Offences Reduced in Saskatoon

  • May

May 29 Pelletier Inquest Postponed
May 29 Temporary Cease Trade Order Issued Against Goldpoint Resources Corporation
May 29 Temporary Cease Trade Order Issued Against HR Equity Management Inc.
May 15 Pelletier Inquest
May 15 Starblanket Inquest
May 7  Temporary Cease Trade Order Issued Against Myron Benedict Derow and Snowcastle Estates Ltd. 

  • April

April 16 New Rules Make It Easier to Enforce Canadian Protection Orders in Saskatchewan
April 15 Preliminary Autoposy Report on In-custody Death Released
April 14 Victims of Crime Awareness Week
April 2 Chief Commissioner of Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission Resigns
April 1 Cease Trade Order Extended Against Sierra Madre Holdings, L&B Landbanking Trust and Their Officers

  • March

March 20 Domestic violence court opens in Regina
March 20  Celebrating diversity 
March 17   Government Increases Victim Surcharge
March 13  Temporary Cease Trade Order Issued Against Sierra Madre Holdings and L&B Landbanking Trust
March 13  New Rules to Protect Consumers Who Buy Gift Cards
March 7 Prince Albert Court Implements Video-Conferencing System
  • February

February 28  Minister of Justice Congratulates Federal Government on Passage of Bill C-2
Fedruary 21 Temporary Cease Trade Orders Issued Against Secure One Investment Group and Linda Foster
February 15  Ministers Responsible for Justice Meet in Ottawa to Discuss Youth Criminal Justice Act
February 12  New Changes Improve Fine Collection Process in Saskatchewan
February 11  Autopsies Confirm Children Died of Hypothermia
February 7   Supreme Court of Canada Grants Leave to Appeal in Klassen Case, Government Provides Further Compensation
February 5  No Charges in Alleged NDP Caucus Fraud
February 1 David Ahenakew To Be Retried For Promoting Hatred
  • January

January 31 Mediation Pilot Project for High Conflict Family Law Cases Launched in Saskatoon
January 31 Temporary Cease Trade Order Issued Against Harrington Rose Equity Management and Mark Goldman
January 23 Cease Trade Order Issued Against Sonja A. McAdam
January 7 Mountney Inquest

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