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Friday, July 01, 2016
Saskatchewan Justice


  • December

December 29 New Rules for Enforcing Parking Tickets
December 28 2005 Queen's Counsel Appointments
December 22 Small Claims Court Changes Effective January 1st
December 16 New Judges for Moose Jaw and Melfort
December 8 Agreement to Improve Local Policing Signed
December 8 Mystery of John Doe
December 7 Vadasz Inquest
December 1 Chief Forensic Pathologist Appointed for Saskatchewan



  • November

November 22 Control of Gang Activity to be Increase Further
November 21 Province-wide Missing Persons Task Force Announced
November 16 Amendments Proposed to Further Protect Saskatchewan Consumers
November 14 New Publications Centre Launched
November 3 New Legislation Will Help Fight Organized Crime
November 2 Victim/Witness Services Launched in Northern Saskatchewan
November 1 Special Room For Victims/Witness Interviews in Nipawin Receives Funding



  • October

October 31 Victims Services Program fro Stony Rapids and Black Lake Receives Funding
October 24 New Legislation Proclaimed to Fight Gang Activity
October 24 Sahpassum Inquest
October 17 Mandatory Testing Legislation Proclaimed



  • September

September 16 Better Support for People with Cognitive Disabilities



  • July

July 12 Provincial Court Commission Established



  • June

June 20 North Battleford Crime Reduction Strategy Making Progress
June 20 Prince Albert Crime Reduction Strategy Announced
June 20 Saskatoon Crime Reduction Strategy Making Progress



  • May

May 25 Coroner's Report Makes Safety Recommendations
May 12 Action Plan for Improving Health, Justice, Prosperity and Safety in Saskatchewan
May 10 Moore Inquest
May 9 Police Complaints Commission to be Established
May 9 New Election Act for Saskatchewan



  • April

April 26 Enhanced Small Claims Court System For Saskatchewan
April 19 New Legislation will Protect Police and Emergency Personnel
April 18 Settlement Reached in Martensville Lawsuit
April 7 New Judge for Melfort
April 6 Public Warned About False Fundraising Activities



  • March

March 24 18 New Policing Positions
March 7 Eaglechild Inquest
March 2 Changes to Fees and Charges for 2005-06



  • February

February 7 New Appointment Made to Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission



  • January

January 25 Saskatchewan Has Strong Voice at FTP Meetings in Ottawa
January 17 Amendments to Help Vulnerable Adults
January 6 Saskatchewan to Issue New Tickets for Offences

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