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Friday, July 01, 2016
Saskatchewan Justice


  • December

December 282001 Queen's Councel Appointments
December 11Professionals now more Competitive

  • November

November 29Increased Federal Funding for Young Offenders Programs
November 15Justice Commission Established
November 1Axworthy want funding restored to deal with Youth Justice
November 1Funeral Legislation Protects Consumers

  • October

October 29Volunteers Help Crime Victims
October 17Pension Restrictions to be Removed
October 5Date set for Wegner Inquest

  • September

September 28Freelaw TM Ready To Go
September 27P.A. Courthouse Opened
September 20Bringing Fairness to Policing Costs
September 13Date Set for McLeod Inquest

  • August

August 30New Securities Commission Appointed
August 29New Judge Appointed in Meadow Lake

  • July

July 26Inquest ordered in Wegner Death
July 25Date set for Naistus Inquest

  • June

June 27Inquest ordered in Naistus's Death
June 27Feds should fix gun problems
June 22Consumers warned about the Pension Scheme

  • May

May 30Rights Extended To Unmarried Couples
May 17Legislation Protects Vulnerable Adults
May 10Justice Robert Laing to head Water Inquiry
May 4Date Set for MacDonald Inquest

  • April

Apr. 10Improvements for Credit Unions
Apr.10Saskatchewan gives Professionals a Competitive Edge
Apr. 6Ability to launch Class Action Suits

  • March

Mar. 27Protection from Personal Liability
Mar. 27Changes to Securities Act
Mar. 7 Date Set For Dustyhorn Inquest

  • February

Feb. 2 Inquest Ordered In Dustyhorn's Death

  • January

Jan. 26New Judge for Prince Albert
Jan. 26New Judge for Saskatoon/Kindersley
Jan. 19New Legal Aid Chair
Jan.17Stonechild Inquest
Jan. 11Somerton Inquest

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