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Monday, June 27, 2016
Saskatchewan Justice


  • December

Dec. 29 2000 Queen's Councel Appointments
Dec. 27 Changes to Drivers Licence Renewals
Dec. 19 B&E Rate down in Saskatchewan
Dec. 7 Police will mail Red-Light Camera Tickets


  • November

Nov. 1 Help for victims of crime


  • October

Oct. 30 Helping victims of crime
Oct. 10 Date set for Ironchild inquest
Oct. 10 Northerner appointed to Sask. Police Commission
Oct. 2 Saskatchewan wants feds not to force Bill C-3


  • September

Sept. 22 New Chief Judge in Saskatchewan
Sept. 19 Inquest called into Ironchild's death
Sept. 15 Securities Commission releases Bergen decision
Sept. 15 Carriere inquest
Sept. 14 Oochoo inquest
Sept. 13 National sex offender registry considered
Sept. 8 Buffalo Regional Victims Services Program opens


  • July

July 21 Pregnancy discrimination complaints settled
July 18 Crime rate down in Saskatchewan
July 4  Saskatchewan gets tougher on bad drivers


  • June

June 2  Brass inquest


  • May

May 31 Offerings by Capital Pool Companies Ok'd
May 17 Consumers cautioned about offers of hearing tests
May 9 Queer City Cinema granted exemption
May 3 McGilvery inquest


  • April

April 17 Albania learns from Saskatchewan
April 12 Open and accountable government
April 12 Government listens, court house stays open
April 5 Oochoo inquest
April 5 Favel inquest


  • March

March 30 Pickford inquest
March 13 Machiskinic inquest
March 8 New judge in La Ronge


  • February

Feb. 14 Brass inquest
Feb. 11 Government supports firearm owners


  • January

Jan. 26 Sod turning for new Prince Albert Provincial Court
Jan. 20 Saskatchewan projects awarded funding under The National Strategy on Community Safety and Crime Prevention 
Background on the projects (Department of Justice Canada)
Jan. 13 Government implements recommendations
Jan. 10 New land titles system unveiled (Crown Investments Corporation)

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