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Tuesday, September 01, 2015
Saskatchewan Justice

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The Auctioneers Act regulates the sale of property by auction and requires that auction sales be conducted by licensed auctioneers and auction companies.

The Cemeteries Act, 1999 requires any new cemeteries or those being enlarged or relocated to be registered. Cemeteries include land used for columbariums and mausoleums. Owners of cemeteries are required to maintain cemetery to an acceptable community standard. There are offences and penalties for violations of the legislation.

The Charitable Fund-raising Businesses Act regulates for-profit, fund-raising businesses that raise funds on behalf of charitable organizations.

The Collection Agents Act controls the practices of collection agents and collectors and requires them to be licensed and bonded. An agency that practices prohibited methods of debt collection can have its license suspended or cancelled, and may have its bond forfeited to pay persons who suffered a financial loss.

The Credit Reporting Act controls the practices of credit reporting agencies and requires them to be licensed. An agency that practices prohibited methods of credit reporting can have its license suspended or cancelled.

The Direct Sellers Act requires direct sales companies and salespeople making door-to-door sales, home-party sales and telephone sales to be licensed and bonded. Salespeople not required to be licensed must carry an identification card. A direct seller that practices illegal methods of selling can have his or her license suspended or cancelled and his or her bond forfeited to pay the people who suffered a loss.

The Motor Dealers Act regulates the sale (not the lease) of all new or used motor vehicles, motorcycles and snowmobiles in Saskatchewan. Dealers are required to be licensed and bonded.

Effective January 1, 2014, motor dealer licensing fees will be $1,000 per location for a 5 year period.

The Film and Video Classification Act governs the classification of all films and videos shown, rented or sold in Saskatchewan.

Effective November 10, 2008, all gift cards, bought or sold in Saskatchewan no longer have an expiry date.

As an exception, expiry dates will be allowed for gift cards and gift certificates that have been donated for charitable purposes or given out for free as a promotion and the consumer or recipient has provided nothing of value in exchange for the card.

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