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Friday, July 01, 2016
Saskatchewan Justice

Who we are  

The Ministry of Justice is a provincial government ministry governed by The Department of Justice Act.  It employs approximately 900 people who deliver a full range of services to the people and Government of Saskatchewan.

The Minister of Justice is ex officio Attorney General for Saskatchewan and it is through and on behalf of that office that the ministry provides legal services. The Department of Justice Act provides that the Attorney General is the official legal adviser of the Lieutenant Governor. In addition, the Attorney General regulates and conducts all litigation for or against the Crown. To carry out this legislative duty, the Minister engages the services of technical and professional advisers, specialists and consultants.

The Ministry of Justice lawyers have a complex and diverse practice with the Provincial Crown and its agencies as clients. The Ministry's lawyers offer their clients legal services like those delivered by the private bar, as well as specialized services and a perspective found only in public practice.

Our history

The history of our Ministry extends back before the creation of Saskatchewan.  The Territories Public Service Ordinance, O.N.W.T. 1897, No. 13, set out the general overall structure of the new territorial government and provided that there would be a "Department of the Attorney General."  The Attorney General's Ordinance, O.N.W.T. 1897, No. 14, set out the Attorney General's powers and duties and authorized the Lieutenant Governor in Council to appoint such "other officers, clerks, and servants as are required for the proper conduct of the business of the department".  This was the beginning of our Ministry.

The Attorney General for the Territories was Frederick Haultain, a former Crown Prosecutor in the Fort MacLeod area of Alberta.  He also served as the Premier of the Territories from 1897 until the creation of Saskatchewan in 1905.  Hon. Haultain was later appointed as the Chief Justice of Saskatchewan. 

Upon the creation of the province in 1905, John Henderson Lamont was appointed as the first Attorney General for Saskatchewan.  The Department of the Attorney General was one of the few Departments initially forming part of the structure of the newly created government.  Hon. Lamont was later appointed to the Supreme Court of Saskatchewan, the Court of Appeal of Saskatchewan, and finally the Supreme Court of Canada.

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