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Thursday, July 02, 2015
Saskatchewan Justice

"fixed term tenancies" - a tenancy for a set period of time, not just month to month

"landlord" - may include and make liable, not only the owner but those representing or succeeding the owner; could also include a tenant who becomes a landlord when they rent out all or part to another tenant; a new owner takes over all the existing tenants and agreements in place when they take over, including the obligation to pay over any security deposit

"periodic tenancy" - weekly, monthly or other period tenancy

"rent" - includes money or any other value given in return for the right to possess the rental unit but does not include the security deposit

"rental unit" - living accommodations rented to a tenant

"residential property" - includes the building and related group of buildings, land and common areas, and land used for mobile homes

"service or facility" provided - includes such things as appliances and furniture, utilities, cleaning and maintenance, parking, laundry facilities, storage facilities, elevators, recreational facilities, intercoms, garbage pickup

"tenancy agreement" - includes written, oral or implied agreements to rent

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