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Thursday, June 30, 2016
Saskatchewan Justice

Upcoming Workshops

Open sessions are available for individuals. These workshops can also be customized for Organizations, workplaces and/or groups

This Workshop is designed to help improve skills in dealing with conflict, as a participant or a third-party in a problem-solving process. 

This three-day workshop will be of interest to anyone wishing to gain a general understanding of the mediation process, its principles, techniques and applications. 

This three-day workshop is for those interested in enhancing their conflict resolution skills for situations where they are expected to lead a process and also present their own interests.

This three day workshop is an opportunity to develop knowledge and skills for effective negotiation.

This two-day workshop will be of interest to leaders, managers, supervisors and human resource professionals who wish to gain understanding and insight in the areas of conflict, change and enhancing capacity for change in organizations.

This workshop provides an opportunity for those who have completed Introduction to Mediation and/or Leading By Example to return for more advanced practical skill development.

This two-day workshop will provide participants with opportunities to learn various collaborative models for different levels of engagement with stakeholders.

This one day introductory workshop is targeted to new and existing members of administrative tribunals.

Mini-Modules feature components of longer workshops and are designed to fit into your time frame.

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