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Saturday, February 06, 2016
Saskatchewan Justice

The Statutes and Regulations Revision Act authorizes the Minister of Justice and Attorney General to undertake a revision of statutes and regulations. Saskatchewan's last statute revision was completed in 1978. A concentrated, general revision of Saskatchewan's regulations has never been completed. There are 540 Acts and 740 regulations to be revised.

What is the aim of the revision?

  • correct errors;
  • update references;
  • renumber provisions;
  • achieve gender-neutral language;
  • use a uniform mode of expression in all Acts and regulations, i.e., use the same words or phrases or provisions to express the same thing;
  • omit provisions that are obsolete, spent or have no legal force;
  • clarify wording;
  • standardize and modernize format and numbering; and
  • create an electronic database with consistent formatting and language.

The revision will not make substantive changes in the law. After completion of the general revision, limited revisions may be undertaken from time to time if an Act has been amended many times and requires renumbering or updating to cross-references within the Act or to other enactments. The ability to undertake limited revisions will reduce the need for a subsequent general revision.

On completion of the revision, electronic versions of statutes and regulations will become official versions. Printed versions are the only official versions at present.

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