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Saturday, May 30, 2015
Saskatchewan Justice

Any notices that must be served, must be in writing unless otherwise stated in the legislation and can be served as follows:

  • on a tenant:
    • by personal service, or 
    • by both posting a copy on the door of the rental property and mailing a second copy to the address of the tenant; or 
    • electronically.
  • on a landlord:
    • by personal service on the landlord or their agent, or 
    • by ordinary mail to the address provided by the landlord; or 
    • electronically.
  • ordinary mail is deemed received three days after mailing; 
  • documents sent electronically are deemed to be received the following business day 
  • "electronically" means any form of electronic communication provided:
    • the document is substantially in the same form as the required document, 
    • it is accessible by the other party, and 
    • it can be saved for future reference.
  • Tenants may serve notices intended for the landlord, including a notice to vacate, on the Office of Residential Tenancies, if 
    • the landlord has not provided an address to the tenant, and the tenant can not reasonably contact the landlord, or 
    • the landlord reside outside the province and has not provided a power of attorney (Form 1).

If service was not done as required, but it can be shown that the notice actually came to the attention of the person to be served, a hearing officer may order that the service be deemed suffiicient. If a hearing officer deemed service to be sufficient, a party can ask for a rehearing if they can show that they were not actually served and did not have notice of the hearing.

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