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Wednesday, June 29, 2016
Saskatchewan Justice
  • To provide for the best interest of the child in family disputes.
  • To provide an integrated approach to family law disputes.
  • To ensure access to justice for parties involved in marriage breakdown and family disputes by offering alternatives that reduce costs and the length of time until resolution.
  • To provide support services to people involved in family law disputes.
  • To increase the people's understanding of the issues by providing information about the available options for resolution, legal issues, child support, custody and parenting.
  • To promote consensual conflict resolution methods that lead to long-lasting resolution of issues.
  • To provide objective and useful reports of custody and access issues for court assessment that lead to case resolution.
  • To ensure protection and safety for children while providing the benefit of contact with both parents by supervising access with non-custodial parents in specific cases.
  • To reduce the number of family matters that return to the court for adjudication or variation.
  • To promote a specialization of family law issues within the judiciary and court support staff.

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