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Wednesday, July 01, 2015
Saskatchewan Justice

Fixed Term Leases

No increases are allowed during a fixed-term lease unless the landlord and the tenant agree to the amount of the increase and time when an increase is to come into effect at the time they enter into the fixed term tenancy.

Fixed term leases in excess of three months duration must be in writing.

Landlords are required to inform the tenant at least 2 months in advance of the end of the tenancy, whether or not they are willing to renew the lease. If a landlord is willing to renew a term lease, the notice must include the terms of renewal, including any rent increase. See Form 15.

Periodic Tenancies 

Periodic tenancies are week-to-week, month-to-month or any other term that will continue until terminated by proper notice or by agreement.

Any notice of rent increase must be given in writing using Form 5 - Notice of Rent Increase OR Form 5a Notice of Rent Increase for SRHIA members.

The following chart is a comparison of the requirements for notices of rent increase by non-members and by SRHIA members, respectively.  


Time Required



Members of SRHIA

Notice of rent increase One year Six months
Time between rent increases One year Six months
New tenancies – No notice of rent increase during the first … Six months Six months
New tenancies - Earliest possible rent increase ... Eighteen months One year

A notice of rent increase delivered during the first six months of a new tenancy will be deemed to be delivered at the end of the six months.

These rules apply equally to trailer park operators.

Any notice that is late will take effect on the earliest date that does comply with the requirement of six months notice.

If insufficient notice is given, the tenant is entitled to a refund of any increase in rent paid without proper notice and to deduct the overpayment from future rent payments, if not refunded.

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