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Tuesday, February 09, 2016
Saskatchewan Justice

The Queen's Printer Act establishes the Office of the Queen's Printer as the official government printer, publisher and distributor of government documents and publications, such as:

  • the acts and regulations of Saskatchewan;
  • The Saskatchewan Gazette;
  • Rules of Court; and
  • the journals of each session of the Legislative Assembly.

All advertisements, notices, announcements, proclamations, and other matters that are required to be published by any Act or by a government department or the Legislature (e.g., appointments, notices of incorporation, acts proclaimed, Ministers' orders) are published in The Saskatchewan Gazette.

The Act establishes a revolving fund which allows the Queen's Printer to charge members of the public directly  for publishing notices, advertisements, and documents on their behalf in the Gazette pursuant to legislative requirements - for example, for publishing notices of incorporation. The Act also allows the Queen's Printer to charge for purchasing government publications in order to recover production costs for those publications.

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