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Monday, November 30, 2015
Saskatchewan Justice

The Court of Queen's Bench is a superior court of original jurisdiction. The Court has jurisdiction over:

  • family law matters, including divorce;
  • serious criminal offences;
  • civil law matters; and
  • wills and estates.

It also hears appeals from summary conviction proceedings, small claims trials and Residential Tenancies hearings.

The Court consists of a Chief Justice and 32 full-time judges. Seven of the judges are assigned to the Family Law Division. Judges who have reached the age of 65 and who have been a judge for 15 years may choose to become supernumerary or part-time judges.

The judges sit at judicial centres throughout Saskatchewan on a rotating basis. Judicial centres are designated by regulation. Specified actions must be commenced at the judicial centre nearest to where the cause of action arose; other actions may be commenced at any judicial centre.

The practise and procedure of the Court is regulated by the judges of the court.

The Act declares a number of laws relative to specific proceedings.

For designated judicial centres, the Act requires that an action cannot proceed without a mediation session with a mediator at an early stage, usually after the exchange of pleadings. If either party fails to participate in the mediation session, the Court may order that party to participate, may order costs to be paid or may strike out the non-complying party's pleadings or other documents.

For designated judicial centres, parties involved in a family law proceeding where custody, access or child support is in issue must attend a parent education program at the beginning of the proceeding.

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