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Tuesday, June 28, 2016
Saskatchewan Justice

Whether making a decision that impacts a specific group, an organization or a community, successful implementation of decisions is largely dependent on the public participation process employed. Meaningful input is necessary to satisfy the goals of stakeholders and to ensure that decisions are durable.

This two-day workshop will provide participants with opportunities to learn various collaborative models for different levels of engagement with stakeholders. Participants will develop skills in designing and leading processes to involve individuals, communities, organizations or governments in joint problem solving and/or decision making. Topics will include:

  • Deciding when public input is necessary; 
  • Identifying necessary participants; 
  • Clarifying the goals of the process; 
  • Flexible and appropriate process design; 
  • Facilitating large group discussions; 
  • Communication strategies; 
  • Dealing with special issues.

Sessions can be customized for specific organizations, workplaces or groups. If interested in exploring further information about content, group fees and customizing the Public Participation workshop for your organization, please contact our office at (306) 787-5747.

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