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Sunday, February 07, 2016
Saskatchewan Justice

The Penalties and Forfeitures Act provides that when a monetary penalty or forfeiture or sentence is imposed by a provincial Act, the Lieutenant Governor in Council:

  • may remit part or all of that penalty or forfeiture; and
  • may commute or remit any sentence.

However, if that penalty or forfeiture is not more than $300, the Attorney General:

  • may remit part or all of that penalty or forfeiture; and
  • shall have a notice published in The Saskatchewan Gazette showing:
    • the name of the person to whom the remission relates;
    • the charge with respect to which the penalty or forfeiture was imposed; and
    • the amount or effect of the remission.

A detailed statement of all remissions and commutations must be tabled in the Legislative Assembly.

The Act does not apply to a penalty, forfeiture or sentence imposed:

  • by The Legislative Assembly and The Executive Council Act;
  • by an Act respecting elections of members of the Legislative Assembly; or
  • in respect of an offence committed in connection with an election of a member of the Assembly.

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