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Saturday, June 25, 2016
Saskatchewan Justice

The Board does not have a role:

  • in disputes about assessment
  • in determining the amount of taxes owing
  • before the municipality asks for the Board's consent

Taxpayers must resolve any issue of property assessment or the amount of taxes owing directly with the municipality.

If the assessed value is less than $5000, the Board's consent is not required, and the Board has no role.  If the assessed value is $5000 or more, the only role of the Board is to consent to the municipality taking title to property if taxes remain unpaid. 

The Board recognizes that municipalities are entitled to collect taxes and that municipalities need the money to provide municipal services.  The Board will withhold its consent only so long as the taxpayer has made a reasonable arrangement for the payment of taxes within a reasonable time and honours that arrangement.

The Board will issue consent if the taxpayer fails to respond to letters or any other communications from the Board.   When the taxpayer has agreed to an arrangement for payment of taxes, the Board will consent if the taxpayer fails to comply with the arrangement without providing an explanation satisfactory to the Board.

Taxpayers need to keep in touch with the municipality about the payment of taxes and about any problems with payments.  Taxpayers need to keep the Board informed of any significant change in circumstances.  Problems can be avoided by good communication.

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