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Saturday, June 25, 2016
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Missing Persons 

By Order-in-Council dated August 13, 2002, the Public Guardian and Trustee was authorized to accept money from any source where the whereabouts of a person or persons entitled to the money is unknown.

This means the Office can accept funds where a person has been missing and cannot be found. Put another way, the Office can accept funds for a person whose address cannot be determined.

It is hoped that before funds are sent to the Office, the fund holder takes extensive steps to find the person and find his or her address. Such steps might include newspaper ads, database searches, internet searches and contacts with family members. After these steps have been taken, a fund holder can send the funds to our office. 

Unclaimed Property

The Public Guardian and Trustee is looking for some individuals who have an interest in an estate. If you have any information on these beneficiaries, please contact the Public Guardian and Trustee.

This website provides information, not legal advice. For advice about your specific situation, please consult a lawyer.

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