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Monday, February 08, 2016
Saskatchewan Justice

The Saskatchewan Legal Aid Commission is established by The Legal Aid Act to provide legal services for people and organizations unable, for financial reasons, to reasonably pursue or defend their legal rights in civil or criminal matters.  Individuals under 18 years of age are eligible for legal aid in all criminal matters.

The Act allows the Commission to require a financial contribution from an applicant, client, former client, or other person who is able to contribute financially to the costs of legal services. A portion of any costs awarded to a client may be required to be reimbursed to the Commission.

An applicant or client who is denied legal services or who is required to pay a portion of the costs of legal services may register a complaint with the Chief Executive Officer of the Commission. The Chief Executive Officer's decision with respect to financial eligibility for civil legal services may be appealed to the Appeal Committee. The Appeal Committee may affirm or vary the decision, or substitute its own decision for that of the Chief Executive Officer. A decision of the Appeal Committee is final.

Legal services are provided by lawyers employed by the Commission and, as needed, by arranging for the services of private lawyers who are paid in accordance with the tariff of fees set by the Commission.

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