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Sunday, February 07, 2016
Saskatchewan Justice

This Act establishes the framework for the provincial survey system, and sets up the powers of the Controller of Surveys to approve plans for the purpose of issuing titles pursuant to The Land Titles Act, 2000.

  • Establishment of the Land Surveys Directory as a directory of all survey plans in Saskatchewan.
  • Appointment of the Controller of Surveys to oversee co-ordinating:
    • a land survey system for Saskatchewan for the purpose of determining the boundaries of parcels; and
    • a cadastral parcel mapping system for recording the extent of titles and interest in land.
  • Surveys:
    • all surveys, both primary and secondary, are administered by the Controller of Surveys;
    • monuments in the ground govern the boundaries of a parcel except in cases of fraud and conflict with a previous boundary with procedures for conducting surveys contained in the regulations.
  • Monuments:
    • provides for the protection of monuments during improvements;
    • provides for the restoration and re-establishment of deteriorated or lost monuments with procedures for establishing or re-establishing monuments contained in the regulations.
  • Provides for two types of plans - plans of survey and descriptive plans. Plans of survey and some types of descriptive plans must be created by a land surveyor. Some types of descriptive plans may be created by non-land surveyors.
  • Approval of Plans:
    • provides for the submission, examination, approval and filing of plans by the Controller of Surveys to create parcels for which titles may be issued pursuant to The Land Titles Act, 2000; and
    • provides for amendments to plans and corrections of plans by the Controller.
  • Searches:
    • provides for searches of the Land Surveys Directory.

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