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Thursday, February 11, 2016
Saskatchewan Justice

The Land Surveyors and Professional Surveyors Act delegates to the Saskatchewan Land Surveyors Association the responsibility to regulate the practice of professional land surveying and professional surveying for the protection of the public. Land surveyors, who have the exclusive responsibility to determine boundaries of parcels, are required to be members of the Association. Professional surveyors who engage in other categories of survey practice are permitted but are not required to be members of the Association.

The Saskatchewan Land Surveyors Association, through its bylaws, sets standards for its members, including:

  • a code of ethics;
  • qualification for membership (e.g., admitting land surveyors-in-training and student land surveyors; registering land surveyors, labour mobility candidates and professional surveyors; and reinstating members);
  • education and continuing education standards;
  • standards of professional conduct, competency and proficiency;
  • standards respecting the manner and method of practice;
  • advertising by members; and
  • investigative and disciplinary powers.

Members maintain insurance to protect the public from professional errors or omissions. The minimum amount of insurance is established by bylaw.

The professional conduct committee investigates a member's conduct:

  • if a written complaint is made against a member alleging the member is guilty of professional misconduct or professional incompetence; or
  • if requested by the council (i.e., the governing body) of the Association.

At the conclusion of the investigation, the professional conduct committee must make a report to the discipline committee and may recommend a hearing by the discipline committee.

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