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Friday, June 24, 2016
Saskatchewan Justice

Adult Guardianship in Saskatchewan

In July of 2001, The Dependent Adults Act was repealed and The Adult Guardianship and
Co-decision-making Act
was proclaimed. This Act provides a means of protection and assistance for adults who are not able to make sound decisions independently and, as a result, may be vulnerable to personal or financial harm.

The information in this section will assist in determining whether an application should be made under The Adult Guardianship and Co-decision-making Act, how to make the application and what to do after being appointed. Links to the required application forms are also provided along with instructions for completing the forms.

The purpose of this section is to help a person who has been appointed as the property guardian of an incapable person. It explains what this important role involves, what things the guardian is allowed to do and what steps must be taken by the guardian to meet his or her obligations to the incapable person.

This website provides information, not legal advice. For advice about your specific situation, please consult a lawyer.

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