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Saturday, July 04, 2015
Saskatchewan Justice

  • Parties cannot agree that the Act, parts thereof or benefits do not apply. Parts of such agreements that contradict the Act are not enforceable.
  • The common law of contract applies to the relationship between the parties.
  • A landlord cannot seize the property of a tenant under any circumstance.
  • The rental agreement is in force even if the tenant does not take possession on the commencement date.
  • A tenant should pay rent even if there are problems with the rental property or agreement.
  • A landlord cannot stop providing any services or facilities, or start charging fees for them, unless the Office of Residential Tenancies provides them with an Order allowing them to do so.
  • A tenant has the right to privacy and no unreasonable disturbance from the landlord or other tenants.
  • Neither the landlord nor tenant can change the locking systems without the other's permission.
  • Landlords and tenants must maintain the property in a state of proper cleanliness, and repair and comply with health and safety laws.
  • A tenant can only assign or sublet the rental unit under a fixed term lease with the permission of the landlord, which cannot be unreasonably withheld. The tenant still remains liable for any losses or damages for the balance of the term.
  • A landlord who does not live in Saskatchewan must appoint an attorney (Form 1 - Power of Attorney - Non-resident Landlord) in the province for the purpose of service of notices. The attorney can be any adult, residing in Saskatchewan.
  • A landlord can make an application for an order to dispose of abandoned property (Form 2 - Application to Dispose of Abandoned Property) after they have tried to get the tenant to retrieve their property or the tenant cannot be found. The landlord may deduct the costs of disposal and any amounts they think owing to them.
  • A landlord cannot interfere with the sale of a mobile home.

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