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Thursday, April 17, 2014
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For a good number of divorced or separated parents in Saskatchewan who receive or pay child support, making changes to the order or agreement providing for such support is very difficult. The cost of bringing the matter to court with the help of a private lawyer may be beyond their means, or they don't qualify for Legal Aid. For others who qualify for Legal Aid, they may not be able to access the service fast enough.

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Justice and Attorney General has responded to this need by creating the Family Law Information Centre and Support Variation Project. This project:

  • assists parents with limited income who have a child support order or agreement registered in Saskatchewan and who want to vary that order or agreement;
  • provides resources and information to the public in the area of child support and family law.

Clients of the Maintenance Enforcement Office and parents living within the Regina area who want to make a change to their child support order or agreement can apply to the Support Variation Project for the facilitated variation process. If the parents meet the admission criteria, this process will help both parties come to agreement regarding the change to the child support. Part of this admission criteria includes an income threshold which is dependent on family size.

Where no agreement is likely between the parties, and the party seeking the change chooses to represent him/herself in court, the Support Variation Project may provide assistance with the Variation Kit or other required forms.

The Support Variation Project does not provide legal advice. The assistance provided by the Project is not a substitute for advice that a legally trained person can offer with respect to variation of child support orders or agreements.

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