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Thursday, June 30, 2016
Saskatchewan Justice

A Self-Help Kit is a package of court forms and instructions that has been prepared by the Family Law Information Centre, to be used by parties who intend to represent themselves in court on several different types of proceedings.

A copy of these kits can be obtained from the Family Law Information Centre:

The kits are available in both paper format, or electronically by email.

List of Self-Help Kits Available from the Family Law Information Centre

  • Sole Petitioner Uncontested Divorce Kit
  • Co-Petitioner Joint Uncontested Divorce Kit
  • Initial Application for Custody, Access, Child support and/or Spousal Support;
  • Initial Application for Custody, Access, or Child Support by a non-parent;
  • Variation of Child Support and/or Spousal Support;
  • Interjurisdictional Provisional Support Variation;
  • Variation of Custody and/or Access;
  • Variation of Custody and/or Access plus Child Support;
  • Preparing an Order;
  • Preparing a Child Support Agreement to file with the Maintenance Enforcement Office
  • Preparing a Separation Agreement;
  • Application without notice (ex parte);
  • Replying to a Court Application;
  • Application for a General Court Order;
  • Preparing an Answer and Counter-petition;
  • Making a Claim for Family Property Division;
  • Preparing for a Pre-Trial Conference;
  • Interjurisdictional Support Order (ISO) kits.

For a self-help kit call: Toll Free 1-888-218-2822 or (306) 787-5837. Leave a voice message with your name, e-mail address, full mailing address and phone number (including the area code). You may also e-mail and provide the same information.

In completing your kit, you may find it useful to use some of the sample clauses below, in your Notice of Application or draft Order documents.

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