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Tuesday, June 30, 2015
Saskatchewan Justice

You are responsible for enforcing a decision from the Office of Residential Tenancies. Monetary awards can be registered in the Court of Queen's Bench and they become enforceable as a judgment of the Court. You can garnish wages, bank accounts, etc. For more information, use the link below.

An order to evict someone can be taken to the Sheriff at the named Judicial Centre. The Sheriff will take action to allow you to take your rental unit back. Take the Writ of Possession to the Sheriff for execution.

A landlord who disobeys an order to return the security deposit may not be allowed to proceed with any claim against that tenant. The tenant can also use the Court of Queen's Bench to enforce the order; or, when the landlord fails to pay the security deposit to the Office of Residential Tenancies, request the Office to direct another tenant to pay the rent to the Office.

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