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Sunday, February 07, 2016
Saskatchewan Justice

Under The Hotel Keepers Act, a hotel keeper is not liable to compensate a guest for any loss or damage to the guest's property except when the loss or damage is the fault or negligence of the hotel keeper or his or her employee, or when the property is expressly deposited for safe custody to the hotel. A hotel keeper is not entitled to the Act's liability protection if the hotel keeper refuses to receive a guest's property for custody or if the guest, through any default of the hotel, is unable to deliver the property for custody.

A hotel keeper is not responsible for loss or injury to a guest's vehicle or its contents except if the loss or injury occurs in a parking place owned or maintained by the hotel and a fee is charged for parking, or the hotel expressly accepts the vehicle for handling or safe keeping.

A hotel, boarding house, or lodging house keeper is not responsible for personal property of any kind in the guest's room if there is a proper lock and key for the door, except if the room is locked and the key is left at the office when the guest is not in the room.

The Act requires that the sections of the statute with respect to liability of the guests' property (i.e., sections 8 to 11) be conspicuously posted in the hotel entrance or lobby.

The Act provides that a hotel keeper may request any person the hotel keeper deems undesirable to leave and, if the person does not leave, may eject that person from the hotel premises. A hotel keeper or his or her agent who knows of a disturbance in the hotel and fails to request the disturber to stop or, if the disturbance reoccurs, to leave, is guilty of an offence.

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