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Saturday, November 28, 2015
Saskatchewan Justice

The Motor Dealers Act regulates the sale (not the lease) of all new or used motor vehicles, motorcycles, and snowmobiles in Saskatchewan. Dealers are required to be licensed and bonded.

Consumers are protected under the Act in several major ways:

  • dealers must maintain a place of business in Saskatchewan that is acceptable to the Registrar of Licensing;
  • the Registrar may grant or suspend a license subject to terms and conditions, or may cancel the licence;
  • contracts for the sale of a motor vehicle are to be in a form approved by the Registrar;
  • bonds may be forfeited when the dealer or any salesperson, representative, or agent of the dealer:
    • has had a judgment made against that person in respect of a claim resulting from a motor vehicle contract;
    • contravenes the legislation;
    • is convicted of an offence involving fraud or theft, or conspiracy to commit fraud or theft, under the Criminal Code; or
    • commits an act of bankruptcy, whether or not proceedings have been taken under the Bankruptcy Act (Canada).

A person who buys a vehicle privately is not protected in this way.

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