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Sunday, July 05, 2015
Saskatchewan Justice

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Justice implemented a Restitution Civil Enforcement Program province-wide to help victims of crime collect restitution.  Victims can register their restitution orders with the Ministry and the collection officers will act on their behalf to attempt to collect unpaid restitution.  

  • The Program enhances existing services provided by the restitution program in the Victim Services Branch of the Saskatchewan Ministry of Justice. 
  • Priority is given to restitution orders where offenders have been ordered to pay victims directly who are individuals or non-profit corporations and victims whose ordered were issued in 2009/10 and after. 
  • Once victims have registered their restitution orders, the collection officers will register the orders with the Court of Queen’s Bench and with the Judgments Registry with Information Services Corporation. 
  • Collection Officers will determine the offender’s ability to pay and collect through means including, but is not limited to, garnishment of wages and bank accounts and seizure of personal property. 
  • The services of Queen’s Bench Sheriff’s Offices are used for service of documents and enforcement  
  • Monies that are paid by the offender through court are forwarded within 30 days of receipt, by regular mail to the Victim. 

For Additional information, or help in filling out the registration form, call 787-2024 in Regina, or toll-free at 1-800-661-2024.

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