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Tuesday, February 09, 2016
Saskatchewan Justice

The Crown Employment Contracts Act governs employment contracts for certain employees of a Crown Employer. A Crown Employer includes the government of Saskatchewan, a Crown Corporation and other boards or commissions which have their members appointed by the government or a minister, but does not include the Saskatchewan Cancer Foundation, a board incorporated under The Housing and Special Care Homes Act or a regional college.

The Act does not apply to employees of Crown Employers who:

  • are covered by a collective bargaining agreement;
  • have a right of appeal under The Public Service Act, 1998; or
  • are appointed by order-in-council if there are no payments or benefits on termination or expiration of employment other than those provided for in regulations under The Public Service Act, 1998.

All Crown employment contracts are required to be filed with the Clerk of the Executive Council and are available for public disclosure. Applications for access to a Crown employment contract are to be made in the form specified in the regulations and sent to the Crown employer that employs the employee. A fee is required to be paid to access the contract.

The Act also governs the payments, benefits and entitlements available to an employee on the termination or expiration of a Crown employment contract.

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