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Wednesday, February 10, 2016
Saskatchewan Justice

The Court of Appeal for Saskatchewan has the jurisdiction to hear appeals from the Court of Queen's Bench and from other courts and tribunals where legislation grants a right of appeal to the Court of Appeal. Appeals from the Court of Appeal lie to the Supreme Court of Canada.

The Court of Appeal consists of a chief justice and six other judges of appeal. The Court sits in Regina and Saskatoon at such times as are fixed by the Court. Any three judges make a quorum of the Court at any sitting. A decision of all three judges or a majority of them is a decision of the Court.

An application or motion incidental to an appeal pending in the Court may be heard and disposed of by a single judge of the Court, but the judge's order may be discharged or varied by the Court.

The judges of the Court have the power to make Rules of Court regulating Court practices and procedures.

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