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Tuesday, February 09, 2016
Saskatchewan Justice

The Court Security Act allows perimeter security at various court houses across the province as well as mobile security at less frequented court facilities where a specific security risk may exist.

Perimeter security is the least intrusive security measure. It does not require the public to give their names or any other personal information to court security staff. It strikes a balance between accommodating open access to court facilities and promoting the safety of court proceedings by authorizing court security staff to:

  • screen persons both upon and after entry into court facilities (e.g., prescribed screening methods will include the use of metal detectors);
  • seize any weapon found in an individual's possession; and
  • refuse entry or remove an individual if there is reason to believe the individual may be a threat to or may disrupt court proceedings.


If an individual refuses to be screened or to relinquish a weapon, he or she will be denied entry or be evicted from the court facility. Failure to comply with a sheriff's direction in this regard is an offence under the Act.

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