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Sunday, August 30, 2015
Saskatchewan Justice

Click here for more information on buying new or used vehicles privately, from a motor dealer, or at auction, as well as information on vehicle repair services.

Click here to learn how to protect yourself when buying a home or hiring a contractor.
Click here to learn what you should know when buying goods, including vehicles, at auction.
Click here to learn more about buying goods from a direct seller such as a contractor, a door-to-door salesperson or a telephone solicitor.
Click here to learn about how to protect yourself when making purchases online.  
Click here for more information on purchasing and receiving unsolicited goods through the mail, including music, DVD and book clubs and magazine subscriptions.
Click here to learn more about warranties and guarantees, deposits, incorrectly priced merchandise, refunds, exchanges, returns and gift cards.

Click here to find out more about purchasing repair services, travel packages, and prepaid funeral contracts.

Click here to learn more about making a donation to a charity.

Click here to learn how to deal with problems with collection agents, how to access credit counselling and repayment services, and to find out what you should know about credit reports and financing.
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The Consumer Protection Act is a consolidation of consumer protection legislation. Parts III and IV of the Act are the former Consumer Products Warranties Act and Unsolicited Goods and Credit Cards Act. Part II of the Act offers protection to Saskatchewan consumers from unfair and unscrupulous marketplace practices. The Act also sets out consumer responsibilities, such as attempting to resolve a dispute with a supplier before taking further action.

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