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Sunday, June 26, 2016
Saskatchewan Justice

Cases prosecuted under the Criminal Code of Canada
Prosecutors are responsible for the prosecution of offences created by the Criminal Code. There are many different offences created by the Criminal Code, including:

  • criminal driving offences;
  • theft;
  • property related offences;
  • offences against the person such as assault, sexual assault, manslaughter and murder.


Cases prosecuted under Provincial Statutes
Prosecutors are responsible for prosecuting many provincial statute offences, such as violations of The Wildlife Act, The Highway Traffic Act and The Occupational Health and Safety Act.

These cases might include such charges as:

  • illegal hunting;
  • illegal possession of alcohol; or
  • a failure to adequately protect workers’ safety.


Federal offences
In addition to charges under the Criminal Code, Saskatchewan Justice prosecutors handle some offences adopted under federal regulations, such as offences adopted under the regulations in the federal Fisheries Act.

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