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Tuesday, June 28, 2016
Saskatchewan Justice

This two-day workshop will be of interest to leaders, managers, supervisors and human resource professionals who wish to gain understanding and insight in the areas of conflict, change and enhancing capacity for change in organizations. More theoretical than other sessions offered by The Dispute Resolution Office, this workshop will be particularly valuable for those who work in organizations currently experiencing conflict or change, or who are anticipating organizational change. This interactive workshop will explore the following concepts:

  • The impact of culture and systems in organizations; 
  • Understanding the role of leadership throughout organizations; 
  • Strategies to facilitate change and transition in organizations;
  • How to build capacity and resiliency in individuals, in work units and in organizations.

Sessions can be customized for specific organizations, workplaces or groups. If interested in exploring further information about content, group fees and customizing the Building Quality Organization workshop for your organization, please contact our office at (306) 787-5747.

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