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Saturday, September 05, 2015
Saskatchewan Justice

When the Office of the Chief Coroner recruits lay Coroners around the province, typically an advertisement is placed in the local community newspaper and/or on the website asking for qualified applicants to apply to serve as Coroners.  Coroners independently conduct death investigations using medico-legal investigation principles and techniques to coordinate all aspects of the investigation in accordance with The Coroners Act, 1999

Coroners are required to lead the death investigation by attending the scene of death and completing a thorough examination of the scene, the body and the history of the deceased through the collection of relevant information and evidence.  Critical thinking, strong communication, interpersonal and writing skills will be required when liaising with police, health professionals, transport service companies, next-of-kin and other parties, as required, in conducting an investigation and when creating the public documents outlining  the investigative findings and recommendations in a timely manner.  As well, candidate’s demonstrated communication and interpersonal skills will be an asset when dealing effectively with grieving families in a sensitive and supportive manner. 

The successful candidate is appointed as a Coroner by the Minister of Justice.  This position of Coroner is not a full-time position and is not considered to be an employee of the Government.  Remuneration is on a fee for service basis as outlined under The Coroners Regulations, 2000.  

The lay coroner position would be of interest to individuals who currently live and/or work in the community and are interested in providing a community service to the area residents on an as needed and as requested basis.  This involves conducting death investigations at any time of the day or night, as well as on weekends and statutory holidays. 

Experience and/or knowledge of medical and/or investigative matters would be a definite asset.  The successful candidates must possess a valid driver’s license and are subject to a criminal record check.   

Please note that the following positions are deemed a conflict of interest to the work as a Coroner; and therefore, individuals holding such positions should not apply:

  • Mayor, city counselor, Justice of the Peace or any other position in public office;
  • Member of a Police board; 
  • Member of a Regional Health Authority board; and
  • Owner of a funeral home, a funeral director or any employment with a funeral home. 

Successful candidates will be required to attend a training session prior to commencing coroner services.

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