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Monday, June 27, 2016
Saskatchewan Justice

The respondent (the other parent) will receive formal notice that you have made an application to the court.  He/she will get a copy of your application.  A court date is set, and he/she is told to file a package of sworn documents at the reciprocating court. The reciprocating court is the jurisdiction where the respondent (the person responding to the application) will file and appear in court.

On the court date, a judge will look at the package of documents you sent, along with any documents the respondent filed.  The court may hear sworn evidence from the respondent, if he/she is in court (with or without a lawyer).  The judge can then make an order.

Note:  Sometimes the judge will want more information from you before making an order.  If this happens, the court will make a ‘Request for Further Information', saying what it needs from you. 

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