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Monday, May 25, 2015
Saskatchewan Justice

The Office of Residential Tenancies (the ORT) cannot make an award exceeding $20,000.  If your claim exceeds $20,000, you have two choices:

  • You can sue in the Court of Queen’s Bench, or
  • you can waive the amount over $20,000 and make the claim in the ORT.

For example: an applicant claims that they are owed $27,000.  The applicant can use Form 10 - Abandonment of Claim in Excess of $20,000 – to waive any amount over $20,000, and pursue the claim in ORT.  If the Hearing Officer finds fully in the applicant’s favour, the award can only be $20,000.   Note that the applicant should come prepared to prove all $27,000 in claims.  Some of the claims may be disallowed, but others may succeed.  If the hearing officer finds that the total damages are equal to or exceed $20,000, the applicant will receive the maximum award of $20,000.  Note that you may not split your claims and make two claims, say one for $12,000 and one for $15,000.

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