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Saturday, June 25, 2016
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To obtain a child support order where you were not married to the other parent, and the other party lives in another jurisdiction, you have a number of options. We recommend that you consult a lawyer about those options. One of these options is to complete an application under The Inter-jurisdictional Support Orders Act. The ISO Unit will then forward your application to the other jurisdiction, and is dealt with by a court in that jurisdiction.

If you were, or still are, married to the other parent and you want a child support order, or you want to change an existing child support order that was granted under the Divorce Act, it can only be changed in a Canadian superior court. To obtain a support order as part of divorce proceedings under the Divorce Act (1985), you should seek the advice of a lawyer, as the procedure can be fairly complex. You can also contact the Family Law Information Centre for assistance with variation of orders granted under the Divorce Act.

To bring an application through the ISO Unit, you may wish to retain a lawyer or you can complete the application yourself. You, or your lawyer, do not need to be in court in the other jurisdiction. Your completed application package will be the sum of your evidence.


Once you have completed your application package, you must submit your sworn original and three photocopies of the sworn original to:

Family Justice Services
ISO Unit
Room 100, 3085 Albert Street
Regina Saskatchewan
S4P 0B1

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